3/07/08 - Another quick note to let you all know I haven't forgotten about this site. I'm currently experiencing technical difficulties as my old computer died and my new computer, with the fancy Vista operating system, doesn't work with FrontPage, the program I've been using for the last couple of years.  I'm looking at possibly revamping the whole site with a new HTML editor and should have some time in the next couple weeks to accomplish it. Or I could continue updating this site as I'm doing now with strict HTML code. Nah...too much work. So be looking in the next few weeks as I seek a solution to my computer dilemma. I have alot to talk about, both about comics and other issues, and will be back momentarily with new content...hopefully.


5/22/07 - A quick note to let you all know this site will not be updated for the next couple months.  Sometime in September to be exact.  Depending on when you read this, I'll probably be in Iraq doing my part as a member of the United States Air Force.  Since nothing of substance will be posted on the main page, I encourage all of you to go back and read, or re-read, my sage guidance on comics via the links on the left.  Parts of the Military Inserts series have been updated with additional info and I promise to complete the rest of the series, to include DC and the other publishers, when I return...

If you've already digested all that info (there will be a test when I return), then here's something to sate your curiosity until I return.  Enjoy...and see you in Sept!

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