2/27/05 - Was organizing some scans on the computer and came across the following picture you all might enjoy:

As you can see I've been on a buying spree since the beginning of the year.  This is only just a very small sample of all I've bought in 2005 so far (the picture was taken in mid Jan).  In all, I could probably fill two long boxes of new arrivals; most all Bronze or older.  No real reason for the spree other than I've found some great deals lately and have the disposable income to act.  

I expect to stop all buying come the July/early August timeframe as I'm leaving Germany in Sept, returning to the States for a brief period to settle my family, and then onward for a year "remote" in South Korea.  Remote is military jargon for deployed without the family.  The vast majority of my collection will also stay in the States.  As a result, I don't expect to buy many back issues while in Korea.

What will it mean for this site...hopefully not much.  I plan on taking a select group of comics with me that I may be interested in talking about.  Also, there will be plenty of current issues concerning the hobby for me to rant on.  In fact, with the family in the States I may have more time to devote to the site.  Either way, I'm still on a roll and enjoying every minute of it...

2/27/05 - The January 2005 Marvel Direct Market comic circulation figures have been released and while tabulating the numbers I just realized I missed posting the December 2004 list.  So for your reading pleasure I'm posting both lists.

December 2004 Marvel Direct Market Sales (Numbers from ICv2.com)

December was actually a great month for Marvel.  As expected New Avengers #1 sold like gangbusters and generated over $500,000 in sales.  Overall, more than 3 million copies were ordered in the Direct Market representing over $9 Mil in product.  The numbers were a slight  improvement over November 2004 and stemmed the declines we've been seeing at least for one month.

January 2005 Marvel Direct Market Sales 

January 2005 on the other hand is an entirely different story. Circulation was down almost 600,000 (2,587,939 vs. 3,183,705 in Dec) copies which represented approximately $2 Mil (7,142,167 vs. $9,033,646) loss in product sales.  A major reason for the decline was a significant decrease in the number of titles released by Marvel in January (84 in Dec vs. 62 in Jan).  As I've mentioned in past rants, Marvel has over the last couple of years masked their declining numbers overall by flooding the market with low selling titles to offset the declines in the flagship titles.  Here's another example of that fact.

When looking at DC numbers though, Marvel sits pretty.  With most of their heavy hitting titles not shipping in January, not one DC title managed to break the 70,000 level.  That's a sad showing no matter how you spin it.  So looking at the numbers from that lens, Marvel's doing great.  And I'm sure Quesada and company would be the first to tell you that...but the numbers, when  taken overall, don't reflect that enthusiasm...

2/3/05 - A quick reminder that this Saturday, 5 February 2005, is another Comic Show at the Leonberg Stadthalle from 0900 to 1600.  The picture at right is from last year's show.  I'll be setting up and selling comics yet again.  Been busy the last couple of days restocking my inventory so there will be lots of great deals available for both new and old customers.

Of note...if there's a comic I have that you've passed by at one of the previous shows I suggest you nab it quick because this will be the last Leonberg show I'll be able to attend.  In fact, this will be one of the last shows I set-up at in Germany.  I'm working on setting up at the Mannheim show in March.  After that,  the Stuttgart show in June will more than likely be my last show.   I'm leaving Europe in August and the comics will return shortly before that.  My goal is to have as much of my show inventory sold before leaving as possible.   My show inventory right now numbers 12 long boxes of primarily late Silver, Bronze, and Copper Age comics so I have a load of comics to sell.  As a result, all the comics have been repriced to move with some great deals to be had on most everything available.

So I hope to see you all there...