4/16/06 -  Part 7 will cover the Bose wrap found in Marvels cover dated March 1985...

Military Insert Mania - Part 7

Marvel (& DC?) Inserts

-The Bose Wrap-

March 1985

Just when I thought I'd completed the Marvel series of military inserts another is discovered.  Shortly after I wrote Part 6, the Alka Seltzer/US Club wrap, I was contacted by a couple readers inquiring about another wrap appearing with Mark Jewelers insert comics in the mid-80s.  After a little digging, and a recent recheck of my insert collection, they were indeed correct.  The Bose wrap appeared in comics cover dated March 1985.  Like the other two wraps, it is not found in the centerfold like the NDS/MJ inserts.  The ad was placed directly behind the front and back covers on similar slick paper.  The ad campaign lasted exactly one month and can be found in Marvel, and possibly DC, comics cover dated March 1985.

Page 1 contained the Bose ad.  The ad features a pretty groovin' Loverboy reject with two Bose 901 speakers hooked up to a VCR.  Apparently this was an early attempt by Bose to get into the home theater market.  There is also a sweepstakes to win a pair of Bose 901s by filling out the attached coupon.  On a personal note, I used to own a pair of these speakers and they were wonderful...

Page 2 contained a pretty straightforward ad for One A Day vitamins.  

Page 3 contained another sweepstakes sponsored by Right Guard.  The winner would a receive $2000 credit with the local military exchange to buy sports equipment.  To enter, the attached 30 cent coupon for Right Guard had to be used at which time your name would be entered into the sweepstakes by the store.  Cut off for the contest was January 31, 1985...

Page 4 features a rather non-descript ad for AR speakers.  I can tell you that both Bose and AR were definitely targeting the right demographic.  Throughout the 80s and 90s, it was the rare military person living in the dorms that didn't have or was building mega stereo systems.  It was almost a status symbol with the military...the bigger and louder your system was, the cooler you were.  I still have my own mega system sitting in boxes at home to include my 200 Watt Yamaha amplifier and huge JBL speakers.  Not only could I listen but so could anyone else within a quarter mile...

You'll note that unlike the Mennen and AS/Club wraps, I haven't discounted the Bose wrap from being in DC comics.  While I could confirm their existence in Marvels, I do not have any March 1985 DCs in my insert collection nor could I find any at the comic shops I've had great success finding these comics.  DC was still carrying MJ inserts, even though they were soon to end, during this timeframe.  So if anyone has a March 1985 cover dated DC with the MJ insert, please feel free to contact me and confirm or not whether these issues contained the wrap.

Below is an example of the Bose wrap taken from Conan #168 Mar 1985.  Click on thumbnail scans for a bigger view of each page.  The same insert was used throughout all Marvel titles shipped to military exchanges...

Bose Insert Page 1 Bose Insert Page 2

Bose Insert Page 3 Bose Insert Page 4

The Bose wrap can be found in the following comics (I've confirmed those with an asterisk as having the insert):

Alpha Flight #20 *

Amazing Spider-Man #262 *

Avengers #253 *

Captain America #303 *

Conan the Barbarian #168 *

Daredevil #216 *

Dazzler #36 * Newly Confirmed

Defenders #141 *

Fantastic Four #276 *

Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #27

GI Joe #33

Incredible Hulk #305 *

Iron Man #192 *

Marvel Tales #173

Micronauts: The New Voyages #6

New Mutants #25 *

Power Man and Iron Fist #115 *

Power Pack #8

Red Sonja #7

Rom #64

Star Wars #93 *

Thing #21 *

Thor #353 *

Uncanny X-Men #191 *

The Bose wrap can be found in Marvels and possibly DCs cover dated March 1985.  Also, if the comic has the wrap, it should have a MJ slick insert in the centerfold.  Comics shouldn't have one or the other.  Comics missing one or the other is an incomplete comic in my opinion and should be treated as missing a page.  Remember, both should be stapled in the comic...

So, hopefully, that concludes the Marvel military insert series for now unless other wraps show up.  I seriously doubt this as I did another complete scrub of my collection and could find no others.  But then again, my collection is not 100% complete so it's possible there are some out there.  And if I find one I'll make sure to let you all know as well... 

Next up is DC.  Their MJ insert cardboard era will be the focus of Part 8...