Book of the Day - 3/18/04

Avengers Vol 2 #1 Nov 1996

- Overstreet 2006 (9.2) NM- Price: $5 -



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To piggyback on my 3/17/03 rant, I present to you Avengers Vol 2 #1.  The Heroes Reborn title was brought to you by Rob Liefeld.  Yes, I blame Rob solely for this catastrophe as he is credited with the story and provided half the published art.  The other perpetrators, Jim Valentino wrote the script and Chap Yeap, a Liefeld clone, provided the other half of the art, were just on for the ride.  This was hyped as a Liefeld production and a typical Liefeld production is exactly what the readers got.

The cover actually says all you need to know about the issue.  A typical comic book fight coupled with page after page of absurdly pumped up superheroes who look more like steroid stooges than actual humans and women who should have permanently bad backs from holding up their basketball sized breasts.  Not to mention, the infamous 7 (8?) foot tall Enchantress with legs that never seem to end.

Little story set-up, remember this is supposed to be a relaunch of the characters and team, is provided as the Avengers are already formed before the issue begins.  Essentially the story starts with Thor being found frozen in ice and his half-brother Loki wants revenge.  The Avengers are called into action and before you know it, there's a free for all which ends with Thor being asked to join the group despite Captain America thinking the guy's mental just a page before.

This is a really bad issue that should have set off the alarm lights at Marvel immediately.  First, Liefeld only did half the art despite reports he was going to provide pencils for the complete first issue.  This should have been a quick indication that he wasn't up to the task of providing his contracted six issues on time.  Also, the story is absolutely horrendous.  This is as bad a first issue as I've read.  Wait...there was Youngblood but that was a Liefeld issue also.  Marvel had painted themselves into a corner though with all the associated pre-Heroes Reborn hype and had to wait half a year before seeing enough and yanking him off the book.  He was dumped off Captain America also; another disastrous HR relaunch attempt.  

So if like the Avengers, I'd suggest you stay away from this series.  Nothing to see here.  In fact, I suggest you forget you ever read this Book of the Day and act as if this Avengers series never existed.  But for those that have the series scarred upon their psyches, a little something to remind them, lest they forget..... 

Enough said......