Book of the Day - 2/26/04

Avengers #77 Mar 2004

- Overstreet 2006 (9.2) NM- Price: Not Listed -


Avengers #77 US Newsstand

Avengers #77 Direct Edition

Maybe you all can help me out.  Have any of you seen this comic?  Avengers #77 was released to the Direct Market at the special price of 50 cents to hype the addition of writer Chuck Austin to the title in the hope new readers would jump on board due to the lower price.  This isn't uncommon.  Marvel previously used the same tactic on Fantastic Four #60, Daredevil #41, and Hulk #55.  These "discount" comics were only available through the Direct Market.  Those collectors who bought the comics off the newsstands had to pay full price.  The newsstand comics would have the "discount" notations removed and the regular price inserted in the UPC box.

I bought the comic at top on the newsstand.  At the time I thought it funny that the "discount" notation was still on the comic and looked as if the process of removing it wasn't finished.  I assumed that all newsstand copies would be the same.  I was wrong.  The US newsstand copies did indeed have the notation removed (see US Newsstand picture).  I again assumed that maybe all copies that went to the military market, I buy my comics at the local military Bookmart, were the same as the one I bought.  I was wrong again.  This past weekend I traveled to another military base and the (only) copy on the racks was the version without the notation.  I heard speculation that my copy may be a printing error.  So my question many of these copies with incomplete discount notation were released?  Do any of you all have similar copies and where did you get them?  If so, either send me an e-mail or post it on the Bulletin Board.  This has me very curious......