Book of the Day - 2/24/04

Weird Worlds #1 Aug-Sep 1972

- Overstreet 2006 (9.2) NM- Price: $22 -


The reasons collectors buy specific comics vary widely and are sometimes situation dependent.  Some look for a specific character or a particular artist.  Others may be looking for a favorite storyline or simply filling a hole in a run.  When they see the comic they're looking for, they carefully scan the front and back cover or just give it a glance if they aren't anal about condition and if it meets their minimum acceptable "take it home" criteria, buy it. 

Most collectors of cheaper comics never take the comic out of the bag to inspect the insides.  If you're spending over $20 on a comic though I'd strongly advise that you do.  You will be pretty annoyed when you find during reading that either "Sammy" has written his name in crayon on the first page, "Don" has decided to give all the men (and women in some cases) "goatees" in black pen, or a couple pages have huge gaps because one of the previous owners really wanted that X-Ray pen and clipped the coupon.  I'll admit, unless I'm spending over $30-50 on a comic I usually don't open the bag.  But then again, if I found that the insides were damaged, I've had a good enough relationship with my local comic store that the owner will usually take it back.

I didn't take this comic, Weird Worlds #1, out of the bag when I bought it about 5 years ago.  In fact I took it home gave it a quick read and put it in the box.  I pulled it out about a year later while filing away some other Weird Worlds and started paging through it again.  Well imagine my surprise when I opened the first page, and damn......another out of control kid with a pen decided they were the next Neal Adams!  I really don't know how I missed it the first time.  But then I quickly realized that it wasn't a kid's scribble.  Someone had actually "finished" drawing the left foot (apparently Tarzan was drawn with a stub foot or it was clipped during a paste-up) and added some background brush in blue ink.  Under the reworked art was the signature of Alan Weiss, the original artist of the page.  Apparently some fan met up with Alan (maybe at a comic convention) and got him to sign the issue in 1979.  I guess during the signing he saw fit to fix the art.  Needless to say was thrilled and would love to meet Alan at a convention (does he still attend them?) and ask him about it.  Of course, it could have been that kid "Don" trying to become the next "Alan Weiss" but I'd like to think the signature's authentic.  So look at those old comics you've filed away again, you may be surprised by what you'll find....